#HardwickeBrew – CDR – COVID-19 and Litigation Outcomes: How will the courts react?

27 May 2020, 11:00 am -

#HardwickeBrews are online, informal Zoom chats aimed at keeping everyone up to date and giving us all a forum in which to exchange opinions and experiences.

So, armed with your coffee/tea or other beverage, please join the Hardwicke CDR Team on 12th May 2020 to discuss some of the issues being raised by the recent Covid-19 situation.  The discussion will be led by Edward Rowntree and Simon Kerry and will focus on what impact COVID-19 will have when the courts are determining remedies and outcomes. In particular, they will discuss how the court might approach the assessment of damages, and when determining sentence in committal proceedings.  Ryan Hocking will be moderating the discussion so please do get in touch with him if you have any questions you would like to raise.  You will also be able to do this during the #HardwickeBrew itself.

Wandering children or pets always welcome!

If you would like to join in the chat, please e-mail: events@gatehouselaw.co.uk

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