#HardwickeBrew – Ogden 8: Why so late?

28 Jul 2020, 11:00 am

The Hardwicke Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury Team invite you to join them in an informal Zoom chat to discuss Ogden (8).

This is a Hardwicke #Brew update on what you need to know about the new edition of the Ogden Tables, released 17.7.20, and what it means for your cases including:

-Multipliers in the new edition have reduced rather than increased (as might have been expected), as previous projections of the rate of reduction in mortality have not been borne out. What difference will this make to future loss claims?

-The disability threshold for contingency discounts has changed to link it to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, rather than the Equality Act 2010. Where can guidance be found and do you need to update your medico-legal experts?

-There is new guidance on when it might be appropriate to depart from the Tables A to D contingency reduction factors, plus how to calculate the size of any such adjustment. How will this work in practice?

-Some new more time-saving tables have been added, such as for earnings to retirement at age 68 and combination tables to reduce the need for interpolation/ splitting of multipliers.

-Do we all need to re-draft our Schedules and Counter-Schedules and what about CPR 36 offers?

-And plenty more besides!

The session will be hosted by Charles Bagot QCColm Nugent and Jasmine Murphy with Helena Drage moderating.