#HardwickeBrew – Property – (Near) futurology – what does the (near) future hold after the extension of PD51Z?

11 Jun 2020, 11:00 am

Hot off the press – PD51Z is being extended.

Armed with whatever drink you need to get you through the lockdown in cold and wet weather, please join us for another #HardwickeBrew this Thursday. Daniel GattyLina Mattsson, Clare Anslow and moderator Carl Brewin will lead the discussion on the effect and consequences of extending PD51Z for a further two months. Daniel will share his experience and expertise on how to win remote trials and to discuss – are remote hearings and trials here to stay?

Please get in touch with Carl, preferably before the session starts, if you would like to pose any questions or make any comments on these issues.  You will of course also be able to do this during the #HardwickeBrew itself.

Wandering children or pets welcome!  It is all part of the Brew experience.

If you would like to join in, please email: events@gatehouselaw.co.uk letting them know which #HardwickeBrew you would like to attend, and, subject to numbers, we will send you a link to the session.

We look forward to catching up at a safe social distance!