J2J: Part 36 Poker and when to play the Calderbank Card

27 Nov 2014, 12:00 am

** Please note that this seminar is now fully subscribed. You are welcome to sign up – we will add you to our reserve list, and may repeat this seminar at a future date **

Gemma Witherington and Sri Carmichael are giving a seminar which will address tactics of offers to settle in civil proceedings, focusing on Part 36 and Calderbank offers. The seminar will cover the formal requirements of making a Part 36 offer and what to consider when accepting or rejecting an offer.

Key topics of discussion include:

  • The role that Part 36 plays in the civil litigation process.
  • Formal requirements for making a Part 36 offer.
  • The major pitfalls that practitioners need to be aware of when considering making/accepting a Part 36 offer; potential consequences of failing to accept an offer.
  • How are the courts likely to approach Part 36 issues in practice?
  • How do Calderbank Letters differ from Part 36 offers and why might you consider making a Calderbank offer?
  • Practical considerations to keep in mind when making/accepting Calderbank offers.
  • How has the position changed since 1 April 2013?