Securing a Successful Outcome – Novel Approaches to Litigation Funding and Witness Training

13 Jun 2019, 5:00 pm

*** This seminar is now at its full capacity. Please e-mail to be added to the reserve list. ***

Hardwicke are delighted to invite you to our seminar in partnership with Affiniti Finance and Assurety Ltd. This seminar, chaired by Hardwicke IP Barrister, Professor Mark Engelman, will explore how securing litigation outcomes through witness training is the doorway to litigation third-party funding.

Ian Cunningham and Andrew Marks from Affiniti Finance will discuss:

  • The use of Artificial Intelligence in the litigation funder’s due diligence and origination process.
  • Origination of commercial litigation funding opportunities.
  • Emerging markets and trends in litigation funding.
  • The use of after the event insurance in litigation funding.
  • The potential partnerships that can be developed with chambers, including origination via Direct Access and ongoing support in the due diligence process.
  • The need for quick responses to requests for funding in claims involving pre-trial relief in IP disputes and ways to provide this.
  • The prevalence of appellate decisions in IP actions, the risk this may pose to stakeholders, and ways to mitigate this risk.
  • The future uncertainty of UK IP law as a result of Brexit, and how this extra uncertainty in an already turbulent area of law, may affect the decisions of litigation funders.

Paul Epstein QC from Assurety Ltd will discuss:

  • What makes a good witness
  • Obstacles to being a good witness
  • What is and is not permitted in witness training
  • Familiarisation
  • Mehrabian’s three channels of face to face communication
  • Breathing
  • Practice cross-examination


17:00: Registration

17:30: Presentations

19:00: Drinks and canapés