Frederico Singarajah speaks at an online event hosted by Disputes Europe & Latin-America (DELA)

19 Feb 2021

Brazilian arbitration chapter: disclosure of circumstances and impartiality of arbitrators – lessons learned from Halliburton v Chubb.

Frederico Singarajah is speaking at an online event hosted by Disputes Europe & Latin-America – DELA on 25th February 2021.

The English Supreme Court case of Halliburton vs Chubb has highlighted how far arbitrators need to go when disclosing facts relating to their impartiality. This webinar will look at the arbitrators´ duty of disclosure from an English and Brazilian law perspective. In doing so, the speakers will visit the perception of impartiality under both legal systems and discuss the cultural differences in convention and acceptable conduct. Further, the panel will analyse the impact of disclosure and impartiality of arbitrators for commercial entities involved in arbitrations.

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