Oliver Hyams leads session for the R3 Association of Business Recovery Professionals Training Academy’s Introduction to Insolvency Certification Series

18 Feb 2021

R3 has just published its Introduction to Insolvency online training course, which Oliver Hyams helped to put together.

This 21-chapter eLearning series is aimed at junior members of staff within the insolvency and legal professions. The series will provide an introduction to all aspects of insolvency and related legislation. It equips attendees with practical knowledge and an understanding of all insolvency procedures from how to identify when a company or individual is in distress, to the options available for dealing with financial distress, to the legislation and guidance which governs the work of an insolvency practitioner. The course is delivered in a format which is accessible to all, and at the attendees own pace.

You can find details of how to register here.

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