A Practical Guide to Wrongful Conception, Wrongful Birth, & Wrongful Life Claims

by Rebecca Greenstreet

The law on recovery of damages in wrongful conception, wrongful birth and wrongful life cases has been treated as settled for some time following the cases of McFarlane v Tayside Health Board [2000] 2 A.C. 59, Parkinson v St James and Seacroft University Hospital NHS Trust [2001] EWCA Civ 530, Rees v Darlington Memorial Hospital NHS Trust [2004] 1 A.C. 309 and McKay v Essex Area Health Authority [1982] Q.B. 116.

Rebecca Greenstreet’s book takes an in-depth look at those key cases and their application in practice. There do also remain unanswered questions regarding the limits of recovery in these areas: this book provides an insight into those potential areas for development, as well as exploring the approach taken in foreign jurisdictions and examining recent UK cases in these areas in detail.

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