Brexit and IP: The story so far…

14 May 2020, 6:00 pm

BACFI and SEAL (Society of English & American Lawyers) will be hosting a lecture via Zoom on 19 May 2020: “Brexit and IP – The story so far”.

The speakers include Professor Mark Engelman (Hardwicke), Michael Bilewycz (Decisis Intellectual Property), Simon Carter (Simon Carter Ltd) and James Mitchiner (Mitchiners).

Uncertainty reigns sovereign in a Post-Brexit UK. This talk will discuss the uncertainty that reigns sovereign in a Post-Brexit UK and the current state of play of the:

  • The Unified Patents Court and the German Federal Constitutional Court;
  • The Copyrights Directive;
  • The Trade Marks Directive and The Exhaustion of Rights Draft Bill;
  • EU Designs Directive;
  • The EU Trade Secrets Directive;
  • Non-alignment and Corporate Intellectual Property Strategies

For more information and to find out how to book a place, please click on the flyer here.