Book publication: ‘Risk and Negligence in Property Transactions’, edited by John de Waal QC

Hardwicke is delighted to announce that John de Waal KC’s new textbook, Risk & Negligence in Property Transactions, has just been published by The Law Society. The book is available for purchase here.

Fresh off the press, the book takes an in-depth look at the various stages that take place, and specific issues that may arise, on the acquisition of land. It identifies the risks faced by solicitors acting for the buyer, seller and lender that may give rise to liability in negligence.

It is essential reading for solicitors who are instructed in relation to transactions concerning commercial and residential property, as well as litigation solicitors and barristers.

A list of contents appears below.


  1. Client care, John Clargo
  2. Investigating and reporting on title, Justin Mason
  3. New properties and NHBC, Louis Zvesper
  4. Pre-contract searches and enquiries, Justin Mason
  5. Residential leasehold properties, Jamal Demachkie
  6. Commercial leases, Daniel Gatty
  7. Conditional contracts and options, John de Waal KC
  8. Mortgage lending, Andy Creer
  9. Planning, Simon Rickets and Spencer Tewis-Allen
  10. Environmental issues, Angus Evers
  11. Insolvency, Amanda Eilledge
  12. Exchange of contracts, Lina Mattsson
  13. Completion, Carl Brewin
  14. Remedies for failure to complete, Jamal Demachkie

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