Insurance Broking Practice & the Law

Various members of Gatehouse Chambers have contributed to Insurance Broking Practice and the Law which covers all the legal and practical issues facing insurance brokers in the market place and provides a definitive reference source for anyone who needs to understand the role and responsibilities involved in this area. This regularly updated looseleaf covers not only insurance and regulatory issues but also tax, competition, data protection and employment issues relevant to brokers. In addition, it addresses current market reforms and their impact on insurance brokers, e.g. contract certainty, market reform slip, and market claims agreements.

Concentrating throughout on how the law relates to actual market practice – with a special emphasis on London market practice in the non-life sector – Insurance Broking Practice and the Law ensures that you have the answers to all the legal issues affecting brokers at your fingertips.

It will provide you with:

  • The most comprehensive and authoritative text on the market
  • Expert commercial and legal advice, covering all of your day-to-day problems
  • Practical guidance to ensure you understand and are able to comply with regulatory developments
  • An accessible and dependable reference source, designed to reduce your exposure to risk management and liability issues
  • Regular updates to ensure you are always fully up to date
  • Greater depth, more case law and case law analysis in more detail than any other publication on the market