FreeBar Charter

Chambers, as recorded in our own Charter, recognises the importance of creating a welcoming atmosphere for people of all backgrounds, characteristics, identities and experiences, including by being inclusive of those with multiple or intersecting identities. Whilst recognising that we all come from different backgrounds with our own personal histories and have differing views, Chambers has committed to being respectful, considerate and compassionate at all times, open to being challenged and inviting constructive criticism particularly from those who are under-represented or disadvantaged.

Chambers is a signatory to the FreeBar Charter, in accordance with and subject to its own Charter, as a reflection of its inclusive culture and respect for diversity within the LGBTQI+ community and beyond.

As a signatory to this Charter, Chambers, has made the following 11 commitments:

  1. We are an LGBTQI+ inclusive and welcoming organisation. We welcome all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
  2. We always challenge LGBTQI+ phobic language or behaviour, whether from anyone in our organisation, or directed at anyone in our organisation from anyone dealing with our organisation in accordance with our own Charter pledges.
  3. We will ensure that by 31st March 2022 our recruitment materials, website and other marketing materials are LGBTQI+ inclusive including allowing everyone individually identified in those materials to choose their own pronouns, while using only gender-neutral language to refer to people generally.
  4. Our internal policies and governing rules and procedures use only gender-neutral language, do not discriminate on LGBTQI+ grounds and are explicitly inclusive of those who identify as LGBTQI+.
  5. We have a policy on transitioning at work applicable and available to everyone in the organisation.
  6. There is a gender-neutral option for all toilet and other facilities we offer (including for people with impaired mobility), for which all the signage is gender-neutral.
  7. We will ensure that by 31 March 2022 our IT and other systems allow for non-binary pronouns and we respect everyone’s choice of their own pronouns.
  8. Our recruitment and selection processes are designed to encourage LGBTQI+ applicants and to reduce the risk of bias and discrimination against LGBTQI+ candidates. When placing and drafting recruitment adverts, we take particular care that they will come to the attention of talented LGBTQI+ applicants and we encourage LGBTQI+ applicants. We will not use recruitment agencies who do not share our values.
  9. We will ensure that by 31 March 2022 everyone involved in managing or overseeing our selection processes has had recruitment equality training which included LGBTQI+ issues.
  10. We have in our organisation people who publicly identify as LGBTQI+ and/or LGBTQI+ allies. We encourage LGBTQI+ people in our organisation to apply for judicial and similar career-advancing appointments. We have designated members of staff and/or barristers for LGBTQI+ people to go to with any concerns. We bring to the attention of everyone in our organisation and joining our organisation the LGBTQI+ networks that exist more widely for barristers and all who work with them. We have/we would welcome the establishment of an LGBTQI+ network in our organisation.
  11. We welcome scrutiny of our compliance with this FreeBar Charter. We check, report publicly on, and monitor that at least annually. We are proud of and promote our compliance including on our website, including by displaying this charter and the FreeBar Charter Mark.