2012 Franchising Conference

25 Oct 2012, 12:00 am

Being safe out there:
Changing markets and technology

Please join us for our 2012 Franchising Conference on 25 October 2012!

A day of useful updates and analyses of current issues affecting franchisors, franchisees, and others in the franchising industry including:

  • Assignment of a network – Holding it together
  • Hold over or renewal? A conscious decision
  • Assignment against the backdrop of insolvency
  • Keeping up with technology

For more information on the programme and a full list of the topics, see below.

The key speakers are John Pratt (Hamilton Pratt Solicitors) and Hardwicke Barristers Nigel Jones QC, Brie Stevens-Hoare, David Lewis, Mark Engelman and Ian Silcock.

We are the only chambers with a dedicated Franchising Team. Our annual Franchising Conference is always well attended and gives you a great opportunity for networking with industry peers.