Credits, caps and the Courtroom: Welfare reform and the social landlord (Birmingham)

12 May 2014, 12:00 am

The Welfare Reform Act 2012 introduced some of the most significant reforms of the welfare state that Britain has seen in 70 years. In this seminar, chaired by Andy Lane and hosted at Anthony Collins Solicitors in Birmingham, Dean Underwood and Laura Tweedy will chart the progress of reform, discuss the legal challenges of 2013 and highlight some of the legal and practical issues for the year ahead.

This session will cover in particular:

  • Reform implementation: Where are we now – what’s yet to come?
  • The legal challenges of 2013: An overview of the High Court and First-Tier Tribunal’s attitudes to key reforms.
  • The legal challenges of 2014: A view through the Hardwicke crystal ball.
  • Coping with reform: The strategies of 2013, implementation and the practical issues to come.
  • Assisting the reform – Homeless: Affordability, intentionality and population migration.