#HardwickeBrew – Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury – “Fundamental Dishonesty – where are we now?

02 Jul 2020, 10:30 am

The Hardwicke Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury Team invite you to join them in an informal Zoom chat to discuss practical tips for both claimants and defendants arising from recent cases involving fundamental dishonesty, such as what to do if your client is accused of fundamental dishonesty and how to successfully argue fundamental dishonesty for defendants.  The session will be hosted by Jasmine Murphy and  Helena Drage with Aneurin Moloney moderating.

Bring your own coffee or other drink and come and exchange views with us on how things are going in the remote world – of the court, work and generally. 

If you would like to raise any questions in advance, please email Aneurin .  You will also have the chance to raise them during the session.

Wandering children or pets welcome!