J2J: You may delay but time will not – Limitation in civil litigation

01 Jun 2016, 12:00 am

** Please note that this seminar is now fully subscribed. You are welcome to sign up – we will add you to our reserve list, and may repeat this seminar at a future date **

Emma Hynes and Katrina Mather will provide a refresher on the time limits for bringing contract, tort and statutory claims, as well as looking at how you may be able to buy more time in certain circumstances. They will also highlight some common limitation pitfalls and provide practical tips on how best to deal with limitation issues when they arise.

In summary, the seminar will include:

  • An update on the law following High Court’s decision in TMT Asia Limited v BHP Billiton Marketing AG [2016] EWHC 287 (Ch)
  • A refresher on time limits in contract, tort and statutory claims
  • Special limitation rules regarding latent damage
  • Postponing limitation periods for fraud, concealment and mistake
  • Acknowledgment and part payments    
  • Amendments to statements of case
  • Common pitfalls