Preservation & Collection of Electronic Documents

22 Mar 2018, 12:00 am

The foundation of any successful e-disclosure exercise is the ability to identify, locate and collect data in a cost-effective and appropriate way. In this seminar, Michael Wheater and Wayne Micklethwaite will review the law revolving around the identification and collection of data and also examine the practicalities and challenges of collecting data in the modern environment.  This seminar will consider:

  • Effective methods of identifying and collecting data, including the challenge of personal devices and the “bring your own device” (“BYOD”) culture.
  • The law surrounding the collection and preservation of electronic data and the consequences of failing to preserve it.
  • Forensic collection techniques and when it is necessary to use them.
  • The practicalities of how a data collection exercise works in practice. 

Michael is co-author with Charles Raffin of Electronic Disclosure: Law and Practice (OUP, 2017).