Processing and Filtering Electronic Documents

24 Apr 2018, 12:00 am

Hardwicke are delighted to invite you to the fourth seminar in their e-Disclosure Seminar Series on Tuesday, 24 April.

The review of disclosure documents remains one of the most costly stages in the disclosure process.  For that reason, the most important part of any e-disclosure exercise is the processing of collected data and steps required to filter that data to minimise the number of documents that need to be reviewed, whilst locating as many relevant documents as possible.  

In this seminar, Michael Wheater and a specialist from the disclosure industry will review the law relating to the processing of data, demystify the jargon and discuss the various methods of reducing the data including keyword and other types of search; date ranges, and custodians. 

This seminar will consider:

  • types of search, keyword selection and validation of methodology;
  • what is involved in data processing and common issues encountered;
  • demystifying the jargon;
  • the dangers of de-duplication and near de-duplication
  • audio files, language issues and translation;
  • problems with timezones;
  • hard-copy documents and OCR.