Gatehouse Chambers announces significant appointment of former High Court Master Victoria McCloud

11 Apr 2024

Gatehouse Chambers is pleased to announce that Dr Victoria McCloud has been appointed as Associate Member following her retirement as a senior Judge sitting in the High Court of England and Wales. Victoria served for 14 years as a High Court Master and is also the UK’s first transgender Judge. This is the first time a judge has been appointed to Gatehouse as an Associate Member post-retirement.

As an Associate Member, Victoria will support Gatehouse Chambers as it grows its profile in internal investigations and whistleblowing cases. She brings expertise from her current role as an advisor to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Whistleblowing via its secretariat, Whistleblowers UK, as well as her career as a judge, which will add significant additional strength and breadth to Gatehouse Chambers’ profile in these areas.

Victoria’s expertise and background will also supplement Gatehouse Chambers’ high profile public inquiries and inquests work, which includes the Covid and Grenfell inquiries. Additionally, Gatehouse Chambers is highly regarded for its commitment to diversity and inclusion, and Victoria’s appointment reinforces that commitment.

Amanda Illing, Chief Executive of Gatehouse Chambers, said of Victoria’s appointment:

“We are thrilled to have Victoria join us as an Associate Member following her highly successful career as a judge. Her experience and focus on quasi-judicial investigations will be an invaluable benefit as we continue to grow instructions in high-profile internal investigations and whistleblowing cases.”

Victoria McCloud said of her appointment to Gatehouse Chambers:

“I am immensely proud to be joining Gatehouse Chambers as its first judge in retirement status. Gatehouse Chambers has a fantastic reputation as a progressive Set, both in terms of its work and its culture. There is increasing demand for expertise in internal investigations and whistleblowing, both due to a heightened regulatory environment and in response to many high-profile investigations that are making front page news. As I initially re-enter the legal sector as a non-practising Barrister, I look forward to helping Gatehouse Chambers grow its profile in these areas.”

For further information, please contact:

Amanda Illing, Chief Executive