Hardwicke Building Barrister Clive Rawlings acts for undercover teacher

12 Nov 2008

Hardwicke Building’s Education Barrister Clive Rawlings is currently acting for “undercover teacher” Alex Dolan before the General Teaching Council. Ms Dolan is accused of unacceptable professional conduct after filming in the classrooms of four schools in Leeds and London. The film was subsequently broadcast by Channel 4.

Ms Dolan says she made the film so that the public could see what was going on in schools. Clive Rawlings, who is instructed by Simons Muirhead & Burton Solicitors, said “She considers that she acted fairly and in the wider public interest by exposing to the public the amount of damage done by poor discipline. There is no allegation before you that she performed badly as a teacher because she was filming, nor that she incited any poor behaviour or incited staff to reveal deceptions that they felt were taking place.”

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