Intellectual Property barrister Mark Engelman represents MG Sports & Racing Europe Ltd

20 Oct 2008

Hardwicke Building’s Intellectual Property barrister Mark Engelman is currently representing MG Sports and Racing Europe Limited in its battle over the ownership of the MG X Power brand. This brand relates to a high-end sports car which MG Sports and Racing now manufactures in the United Kingdom, having bought the brand from the liquidators of The MG Rover Group. Nanjing Automotive Corp, the Chinese car manufacturing monolith, claims it to be entitled to the brand. The action is currently proceeding both in the United Kingdom Trade Mark Office and High Court. A successful outcome would mean that MG is kept in the hands of one of Britain’s last remaining motor car manufacturers.

This weekend David Cameron, in his article in The Sunday Observer, refers to MG Sports and Racing Europe Limited,as an example of a small business which has not been supported by The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) despite the UK Government’s bailout of British Banks. RBS is the bank of MG Sports and Racing Europe Limited, a party to the dispute. The action continues in both court and trade mark office. Please read Mr Cameron’s article here: