Mark Engelman speaks to In House Lawyer

16 Apr 2007

“BEFORE THE PUBLICATION OF THE Gowers Review of Intellectual Property, there was a widespread belief that the former Financial Times editor might try to cover too much ground. Certainly, the signal sent out by the call to evidence was broad – covering the way IP is awarded, used, licensed, exchanged, challenged and enforced, and inviting views on specific issues ranging from rights over sound recordings, ‘orphan works’, method patents, and the crossover with competition policy. In short, everything was in the mix.”

“Eduardo Reyes talks to the lawyers and IP protection specialists who were left wanting more from his review.”

Hardwicke Building’s Mark Engelman is one such specialist, and you can read his comments here.

“Wide of the marque” was first published in the March 2007 edition of The In-House Lawyer – reproduced with kind permission of the publisher