Middle Temple Barrister Retention Scheme – virtual launch on 25th June at 6pm

17 Jun 2020

If you are a Middle Templar then you may be interested in the launch of this scheme.

The purpose of the Talent Retention Scheme is to provide support to barristers who are either returning from time out of practice (a ‘returner’) or switching practice areas (a ‘mover’). The scheme is open to men and women, employed and self-employed. Currently a Middle Temple offering, it is hoped that the scheme will be taken up across the Bar.

Time out of practice may be for any reason including maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave, caring responsibilities, health reasons, further study, time out or to pursue other ventures and likewise movers can seek to change disciplines for a myriad of reasons. Supporting returners and movers is a concrete way of encouraging diversity, equality and inclusion, but more than this, such professionals offer cognitive diversity and will bring different approaches, skills, and experience to enrich the offer of the organisation that takes them on.

If you would like more information, please get in touch with Shazia Akhtar who is on the Talent Retention Working Group at Middle Temple.

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Shazia Akhtar

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