News from the Public Law Division

06 Mar 2014

We are delighted to announce that Amelia Walker has been appointed to Attorney General’s Panel of approved counsel (C Panel). This follows Fiona Scolding‘s appointment to the B Panel in 2013.

Andy Lane and Dean Underwood are due to appear in the Supreme Court in Sims v Dacorum BC in April following their success in 2013 in the Court of Appeal in Michael Sims v Dacorum Borough Council [2013].

Andy Lane and Morayo Fagborun Bennett will be in the Court of Appeal at the end of this week in Farah v LB Hillingdon (B5/2013/1339). The case concerns the relevant considerations for a local authority when determining whether accommodation was affordable for an applicant in receipt of welfare benefits, when deciding whether they made themselves intentionally homeless. It will also consider whether the bedroom tax case of Burnip v Birmingham City Council [2012] EWCA Civ 629 and the proposition that subsistence benefits should not be regarded as being available to meet the shortfall between housing benefit and rent, has any application.