Peter Petts and Jamal Demachkie’s ‘Forfeiture of Leases’ textbook published by The Law Society

04 Oct 2021

We are delighted to announce that Peter Petts and Jamal Demachkie’s book on “Forfeiture of Leases” has now been published by The Law Society.

Forfeiture is the principal means of recovering possession of land in a commercial landlord and tenant context.  It remains very relevant in the residential context as well, despite statutory restrictions.  This essential new guide offers comprehensive and authoritative guidance on the subject covering both residential and commercial issues.  Whether you are an experienced practitioner or someone with less experience of the area, this book gives you not only a clear statement of the law and a straightforward answer to whatever issue has arisen, but also more in depth discussion of those issues which have troubled judges and practitioners, alike, over the centuries.

You can obtain a copy from The Law Society.

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