The Second Annual Hardwicke Social Housing Conference

28 Oct 2010

The Second Annual Hardwicke Social Housing Conference was held on the 27th of October at Prospero House, SE1 London. This year, the event focused on issues surrounding homelessness. Hardwicke’s Andrew Lane was the first to speak, covering the duty of housing authorities towards homeless people. Keynote speaker John Bird, the founder of The Big Issue, was next up. He gave a spirited talk dealing with the ‘poverty trap’ and the need revolutionise the way we deal with issues such as homelessness. Practitioner Advisor to Communities and Local Government, Tim Gray spoke next. He outlined the new government’s policies relating to social housing. Dean Underwood of Hardwicke rounded off the day by covering vulnerability decisions.

The conference concluded with Arthur Moore of Hardwicke giving the vote of thanks.  He reminded delegates that the Hardwicke Social Housing Conference is set to return next year.