Valuable insight into working life and the law – Josh Das describes his work experience

Work experience
02 Mar 2020

Work experience at Hardwicke was a really insightful experience and has really helped my knowledge of the law.

As soon as I walked through the doors of Hardwicke, I was immediately greeted by some of the staff and felt the warmth of the welcoming environment. After settling into the office, I promptly went to court (a common recurring theme) with barristers who are experts in their field. Enriching my experience further, I was given a taste of the world of barristers since it was my first time entering the court room. The nature of law was clearly demonstrated by both parties and I have come to realise the core principal of stating the law and using the words of the law to support one’s case. The essential skill of public speaking shown by the barristers alongside the advice that Michael Maris gave has inspired me and sparked my interest to participate in debating in the near future at my current school.

Not only did I go into famous buildings like The Royal Courts of Justice, but I also learned how to carry out general office tasks like dealing with the financial aspects of chambers, the creativity required for marketing and the quick-witted thinking Practice Managers (a great example being Amy McClean) – all skills everyone at Hardwicke use on a day-to-day basis. A sense of community is very much present at Hardwicke which is a factor that distinguishes this chambers. Practical skills like adequately managing time was something I realised from my time at Hardwicke is essential (even resisting the urge for extra ten minutes for lunch). On my final day, I had a mock interview with Anita Bushiri and Charlotte Hogg followed by feedback on my answers which was very useful as I will undoubtedly have to do interviews in the future.  Learning the STAR technique to give logical responses to the interviewer(s) which Michael Maris taught me will definitely help to boost my career in the future.

My week at Hardwicke gave me an opportunity to discover the wondrous world of law and the relevant steps needed to become a barrister, showing me what is needed to succeed in commercial law as a barrister. I would like to use this platform to thank all the staff at Hardwicke for this invaluable insight from which I had the privilege to learn.