#HardwickeBrew – Professional Negligence – Relief from sanctions in a pandemic?

16 Jun 2020, 11:00 am -

The Hardwicke Professional Negligence Team invite you to join them in an informal Zoom chat to discuss the current challenges facing clients in the rapidly changing legal landscape. Bring your own coffee or other drink and come and exchange views with us on how things are going in the remote world – of the court, work and generally. We will be doing this regularly, with different members of the Professional Liability Team starting things off by sharing their views on topical legal issues.

Litigating during a time of lockdown has brought additional challenges. Failing to comply with court orders can result in the action being dismissed or its prospects being greatly diminished and may therefore lead to claims against the professionals involved. In this #HardwickeBrew, PJ Kirby QC, Laurence Page and moderator Simon Kerry will look at the courts’ attitude to compliance during a time of Covid and whether we foresee a number of claims arising out of this period of lockdown.


If you would like to join in, please indicate this by sending an e-mail to events@gatehouselaw.co.uk.

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