Fly tipping – old problem, new solution

25 Apr 2019

Flytipping is an increasing social problem. “Commercial” fly-tipping (ie fly-tipping undertaken on a massive scale by recurrent offenders rather than one person moving flat and leaving their mattress in an alley) is becoming not only a social problem but also an enormous financial headache for those on whose property the fly-tipping ends up.  Preventing fly-tipping works for the good of the local residents and the community.

Steven Woolf has been at the forefront of the battle against these highly organised commercial fly-tippers.   He has been successful in persuading the court to grant preventative injunctions for green spaces and interim protection orders for commercial property.   This is a significant victory for  public bodies and landowners alike who have often been left with the huge cost of dealing with industrial scale fly-tipping.

Steven is now regularly in court for local authorities and private entities protecting green spaces and commercial premises from commercial fly tippers.

Steven has written various articles on his very successful strategy and he has also run a number of seminars on the topic.  Some of his latest articles are:

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