Employment & executive disputes

Employment & executive disputes overview

With members appearing almost daily in the Rolls Building and in various employment tribunals around the country as well as the EAT, our Executive and Employment Disputes team has a wealth of experience in matters ranging from ‘pure’ employment allegations such as unfair dismissal, discrimination, TUPE disputes and whistleblowing claims, to all manner of quasi-employment disputes ranging from agency worker disputes to injunctive relief sought in respect of team moves (such as the enforcement of restrictive covenants) and allegations relating to the misuse of confidential information.

Our expertise in commercial dispute resolution means our members are also regularly tasked with working as part of a team to respond to the multi-faceted arena of remuneration and bonus disputes as well as shareholder disputes and allegations of breaches of directors’ duties or in respect of disqualification from office.


Laura Tweedy and Rajiv Bhatt awarded 2021 Client Choice Awards